Best Binoculars 2020 – Award Winners

Now a full decade since they first began, the Best Binoculars 2020Awards are once again the ideal way in which I can present and indeed highlight the very best binoculars, spotting scopes, monoculars, night vision devices and Astro telescopes that I have used, tested and fully reviewed over the past 12 months.

Beware of Fake Reviews & Awards!

The fact that the internet and in particular product reviews and awards on the internet are largely given out by people who in most instances have never seen, used or tested the actual products in question! This is a source of huge annoyance and frustration to me.

These so-called ‘reviews’ and ‘awards’ are not only meaningless but worse still often completely misleading as they convince consumers into making a purchase that is often completely wrong for their actual needs and circumstances.

Completely Genuine Award Winners

As you may know, here on BBR I pride myself on the fact that every review I write is only conducted after I have thoroughly used, tested and researched the binocular, scope or other devices in question.

What is more, all of the reviews on the BBR website are completely genuine. I am not sponsored and do not take any sort of compensation to write about a binocular in a particular way. In other words, every review on BBR is completely genuine and 100% my honest opinion of the instrument.

Why the BBR Annual Binocular Awards are different:

In order for an instrument to be considered for a BBR Award and thus rank with the best binoculars for 2020, it must have first been tested and reviewed by me here on BBR.

Then I go over each review at the end of the year and see which if any deserve to be called the BEST in a particular category. If I cannot find any deserving winners, or if I have not reviewed a product in a certain category over the last 12 months, then I either forgo the award or if still relevant and available on the market, I will suggest the previous year’s winner instead.

I would like to also like to reassure you that my choice for an award winner in every category is completely independent and unbiased.

As I can only review and test a limited amount of binoculars and other instruments every year, this does mean that the pool of potential winners is way smaller than every single pair of optics on the market. But I do hope that you will agree that this is a worthwhile trade-off and a better option than if I was to follow other people’s leads and just offer awards to products that I have never used or tested. For more info, take a look at the Rules at the foot of this page.

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