10 Best Android Smartwatches in 2020

Smartwatches have taken the fitness world by storm, to the point that it’s common at many gyms today to see more people with a smartwatch than without. It’s easy to see why, too – smartwatches offer tons of passive benefits, even for folks who don’t go to the gym every day. Smartwatches can monitor your heart rate, help you adjust your sleeping habits, and even let you take calls or texts while your phone is on the treadmill counter.

Still, it’s taken me awhile to jump on the smartwatch bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong, they’re very interesting gadgets through and through, but I initially failed to see exactly why they were necessary unless you planned on using them every day. After all, I thought, aren’t smartwatches mostly for fitness fanatics?

But I was browsing Amazon one day and stumbled onto a selection of smartwatches for Android phones. Since I have an Android phone now, these seemed like perfect fits. The more I investigated, I found that the smartwatches on display weren’t only for people wanting to track their fitness progress. In fact, smartwatches are great for all kinds of uses, including people who like to pay without a physical card or guys like me who just enjoy having fun gadgets to fiddle with.

Suffice it to say that I plunged down into a smartwatch rabbit hole I’m ultimately glad I checked out. I delved deep into some of the best new smartwatches of 2020. Plus, you benefit – I found some of the best Android smartwatches on the market for you to examine yourself. Note that many of these also work for other phones, like Google Pixel devices or iPhones. But I did specifically tailor the search for watches compatible with Android devices.

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