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From the directory of our frequently asked questions of customers.

You can find the proven Step by Step Ranking Guide here: Ultimate Ranking Guide

All backlinks and social signals are permanent. We never delete or remove any social signals or backlinks.

All backlink costs are one time payments for permanent backlinks. No monthly recurring costs! We do not remove any backlinks!

After your payment is complete, your order is automatically transferred to our servers to ensure a fast order handling. If we have no load on our servers we will process your order in 1 to 3 hours, depending on your order size. But we try to handle your order in 48 hours.

We recommend to use the Quality Comment Link Packages. Buy 100 Low OBL Link and 35 Social Signals every 2 days until you reach your targeted position.

These backlink checkers are all restricted by their spider bots. These sites use private bots to spider the whole Internet. Do you think the bots are powerful enough to spider all existent websites every xx days to keep their index up to date? That’s the reason why they won’t ever find all existent backlinks. So do not trust in these tools. They can give you an idea about your backlinks but not a 1:1 copy of all existent backlinks. We send an excel report with all generated backlinks so you can easily verify and check them. Trust in these reports and not in any private spider bot company. We send all backlinks to what is currently the best indexing service worldwide. So we ensure a 100% google crawl rate and an indexing rate of about 50%.

It is not possible to give a general answer to this question. How old is your site, how much backlinks do you actually have, how much backlinks do you get per month/day in average etc… If you like to get a specified answer, please use the contact form before you order. We try to help you finding the right amount of backlinks for your custom needs.

Unlimited if you use .txt file upload mode or you can use the URL field with up to 25,000 chars and spintax like {url1|url2|url3}. 

Unlimited if you use .txt file upload mode or you can use the Keyword field with up to 25,000 chars and spintax like {keyword1|keyword2|keyword3}.

Less than 5% are Dofollow. That is a quite good rate for Blog Comments. If you like higher dofollow rates go for the dofollow packages.

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